Charter School Vendor Services


Piano Lessons - $25/30 minute lesson

Learning Center Classes - Fall 2022

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs - $225/semester

We will be learning all about bugs! We will learn about bugs that help us and those that cause damage in our gardens, in our homes, and out in nature.

Biology Dissection - $375/semester

Curious about how bodies work? While not all living things look the same, there are many similarities. We will see differences in hearts, brains, and intestines of a variety of animals, as well as discover how they are similar. We will see where a frog stores its eggs before they are laid. We will discover how the eye works by seeing inside one. We will see inside a uterus. Dissections will range from small creatures, such as crayfish and clams; to individual organs, such as a cow eye; to larger animals, such as a dogfish and a fetal pig.

Previous Classes

Charlotte's Web Unit Study - $190/semester COMPLETED

We will be reading Charlotte's Web together and learning about animals on the farm, roman numerals, seasons, all about pigs, character studies, logical thinking skills, story plots, character analysis, and a story timeline. We will be making lap books about what we learn to make this a fun hands-on class for learners in TK - 2.

Communities Around the World Unit Study - $190/semester COMPLETED

Join us on a journey around the world learning about cultures and customs of other countries. We will study a different country each week filling up a passport and suitcase with the exciting things we learn along the way.

Literature in the Kitchen - $170/semester COMPLETED

Each week we will read a fun book together and make a snack that goes along with the story.

Art with the Masters - $170/semester COMPLETED

Each week we will briefly learn about a master artist and then do an art project in that artist's style.

I am a vendor with
  • Mission Vista Academy
  • Pending Approval with Granite Mountain Charter and Cabrillo Point Academy.