Piano Lessons

When should my child start piano lessons?

It really depends on the child. I have not found any one perfect age to begin. I have seen kids who are ready to start at age 5, and others who really struggle at 10 or 11. It will depend a lot of your child's interest in playing the piano, and in music in general. On average though, I would say most children are ready around age 8.

What are the benefits of playing the piano?

There is a wide range of benefits that accompany playing the piano. They range from increased memory and math skills, to stress relief, to learning to recieve constructive criticism.

What music philosophy do you teach with?

I actually don't teach to a specific music philosopy. Rather, I teach sound music and theory principles and aim to get the student excited about music in whichever way they are best motivated and driven.

Should I have my child learn to play the piano before other instruments?

Short answer - No.

Long answer - Learning to play the piano before other instruments can be very beneficial. Not only does it give a student an understanding of elements of theory, such as timing and rythmn, but it is easy to make a piano sound good when pressing the correct notes. With that foundation in place, most students will have an easier time adapting to another instrument.

benefits of piano playing infographic